A Year of Building, Defining, and Executing: CUI’s New Brochure!

By the CUI Team

gtcui brochure post pic
GTCUI’s Wide Range of Exciting Research Pursuits

Georgia Tech’s Center for Urban Innovation is leading, facilitating, and advancing research to help shape smart, resilient cities. After more than a year of building, defining, and executing this work, we are excited to share highlights from 2015 in our recently published 2015 brochure titled “Advancing the Urban Innovation Conversation.” Below is a taste of the kind of cutting-edge research projects and collaborations you’ll read about in the brochure.

CUI is Leading
CUI is leading Georgia Tech’s participation in the MetroLab Network, a multi-city consortium of city-university design-develop-deploy research partnerships. Georgia Tech is partnering with the City of Atlanta and Georgia State University as a founding member of the MetroLab Network, part of the Obama Administration’s “Smart Cities” initiative to help communities tackle local challenges and improve city services.

CUI is Facilitating
In May 2015, CUI hosted our inaugural research reception to showcase Georgia Tech’s collaborative work on urban innovation and sustainability. The event brought together nearly 150 faculty, staff, students, and alumni with research partners, stakeholders, and civic leaders for an informal conversation about innovative research on cities—in Atlanta and beyond.

CUI is Advancing
CUI is the local host for the Regional Studies Association’s North America Conference in Atlanta in June 2016, “Cities and Regions: Managing Growth and Change.” The conference provides a platform for international researchers to address the effects of these policy, organizational, and institutional innovations and their impact on work, identity, governance, production networks, infrastructure investments, technology diffusion, and ultimately place.

Join the Conversation
We invite you to join the urban innovation conversation and learn how CUI is helping better prepare our cities – and our world –  to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. If your research relates to urban innovation and you want to share it consider submitting a blog post to CUI at urbaninnovation@gatech.edu.* Posts are typically between 500 and 1,000 words on past, current or forthcoming research. You can also join the conversation by following us on Twitter @GTCUI.

*External blogpost submissions will be reviewed by the CUI research team and selected based on relevance. We do not guarantee that all submissions will be posted.