The City in Question podcast

As part of his postdoctoral position in the Center for Urban Innovation, Thomas Lodato has been conducting interviews about CUI’s past and ongoing research. Rather than simply report on this research, Lodato wanted to give voice to the researchers and perspectives in a new way. The result is a podcast series called “City in Question.”

The City in Question podcast focuses on emerging work about urban form, policymaking, civic technology, and the many other topics that fall under the banner of urban innovation. With a background in digital media and design studies, Lodato leans toward discussions of the human experience of contemporary urban settings and the work that goes into making and mediating cities. The podcast takes the form of unedited interviews with researchers and will be released monthly.

Below are the first two episodes released together to kick off the series.

Episode 1: What Data Tells Us & What We Tell Data

CycleAtlanta is an application for submitting bicycle routes to Atlanta city and regional planners to aid in the creation of cycling infrastructure. The app marks a shift in how planners, as much as people, can participate in local government. This week, Thomas Lodato talks to Georgia Tech assistant professor Dr. Chris LeDantec and Ph.D. student Mariam Asad about the project, and what it tells us about the city as a landscape of data.

Episode 2: Drones for Foraging and Post-Digital Cities

In this episode, Thomas Lodato speaks with Dr. Carl DiSalvo, an associate professor of Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Carl explains his project Drones for Foraging, “a design project that explores the use of DIY and hobbyist drones in support of urban foraging”. With his project as a starting point, Carl and Thomas discuss how this particular use of hobbyist drones reveals issues for how we imagine computation in the future and the role of designers in shaping our imagined urban landscape.


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